Dating as a Single Mom

When I started writing this blog I knew off the bat what some of my topics were going to be. Like support, organization, budgeting, etc, but I never thought to include a very important topic: dating as a single mom. I am a very private person, and usually don’t share much about my personal life, but I’m willing to do it in order to help single moms out there to move on.

While some people believe that single moms need to lower their standards because they have a child, I think the opposite: raise them! If you care for your child as much as you say you do, you must only want what’s best for them. So why settle for a guy that isn’t anything but the best?

It took me months before I felt comfortable talking to men again. I would ignore any guy that tried to get my attention. In my opinion, there was no one that was good enough for my baby girl. No one was good enough to be such a big influence in her life, until I met Marco.  Image

I met Marco in a history class in January. Like I did with every other guy, I ignored him for a couple of weeks, until slowly but surely, he grew on me. We won each other’s trust and hearts. He eventually met Itzarih, and they fell in love too.

It’s not always a walk in the park, but it can be well worth it in the end. “It is quite interesting, difficult, and beautiful at the same time…interesting because it is definitely a different experience, difficult because of the time management, and beautiful because you find yourself falling in love with both of them,” Marco said.

There’s nothing wrong with moving on with your life. You need to find your own happiness in order to give your best to your family.


3 thoughts on “Dating as a Single Mom

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